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Who are we?

After several years in the retail trade (fruit and vegetables, general food, bakery, snacks) in the south of France. 

We decided to change our life and cross the Atlantic to live a new life in Canada, more precisely in Quebec. 

After two years of living in this magnificent region, we decided to settle there and create our company.

La Vilaine Gourmande is our new baby, we took great pleasure in imagining and creating our recipes for your greatest pleasure. Our pastry and bakery diplomas have enabled us to select quality raw materials, little used in this field and with the minimum possible ingredients.

The idea of the name La Vilaine Gourmande came one evening in front of the television. Like many with age I have become greedy for sweets, the only excuse I have found to explain this is that little voice in my head that tempts me every night. I am sure that many of you will identify with this description and like me take pleasure in it.