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Why is there oil on the surface when opening?

It is normal without an artificial stabilizer for the oil to separate, this is called "phase shift". This is a natural reaction in a natural product.

To restore the usual texture to your dough, you just need to mix it.

Why is my spread runny?

If the temperature is above 25 °, the cocoa butter present in the chocolate may become liquid again. It doesn't alter the taste, just its texture.

To overcome this, a little trip to the refrigerator and the desired texture will return.

The ideal tasting temperature is between 18 and 23 °.

Why do you use glass jars?

We are already privately in a process of reducing our waste.

In a professional capacity we believe that we also have a part of the responsibility.

The use of plastic in our 220 g format was therefore not an option.

In the near future, the return of our jars will be implemented.

Is it possible to sell your products in my store?

Of course! We are always happy to establish ourselves in new points of sale. You can communicate via our email ( ), to obtain the necessary information.